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In cooperation with:

HC TPS Turku Oy

This solution is produced by:

Juha Hedman (VTM, Economy)

HedCo ltd’s founding member and the head of board, social scientist and Veat -master coach

Juuso Nieminen

Team and executive coach, professional hockey coach, wellness coach

Juuso Järvinen (engineer YAMK)

Data communications engineer, software development, databases

Project: Player card

Computer screen with a main page of the player card on it

Hedcoach for Sports – Player card service enables performance based valuation of professional players. The service combines game performance with the social performance of players, recognizing players as performing artists on and off field.

Player Card is an on-line service for managers, directors, coaches and agents who need accurate and transparent valuation of players. Player card crunches data from over 20 different sources and provides evidence-based valuation of player’s full performance potential including productivity on the field as well as reliability and appeal off the field.

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